Father's Day poems and rhymes

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Nice verse

Say I know a nice verse
No, you do not have to be afraid
That it will take a very long time
I am too small for that

That's why I give you a hand
And also something in conclusion
With this you will be very happy
So, now my verse is out.

The best

Dad is the best for me
For me, he is special
Even though there are many more fathers
He prefers all!

A present

A present
It's all for you
Do you want to know
What is in it
Open it ... just look!

(Source: The big book)

A little kiss

Come here
Very close to me
I want to give you a little kiss
And I also add something.


Today is a bit of a party
It is father's day
And I love you most of all!

Good morning

Good morning dear daddy
You are big and I am small
But I think it's fantastic
That we are fat friends.

It is father's day today

It is father's day today
You do not have to do anything today
But you will get me
A very big kiss!

Because every day
Are you top again!
And if I have fallen
Give you the best kiss on it.

And therefore now
A big kiss for you
Because I want to tell you
That I love you very much!

I love…

I love applesauce
I love peanut butter
I love chocolate milk
And also from speculaas.

I love poffertjes
I love pancake
I love cars
And from my picture book.

I love red and yellow
From green and purple and blue
But the most-important thing
I still love you!

(Source: The big book)

Delicious breakfast

It is father's day today
I have a nice breakfast for you
Because I want to tell you
How much I love you!

Dear Dad

Today you will be spoiled.
Because you're my dad.
I made something for you
Because I love you so much.
First you get a kiss from me.
This gift makes you very happy.


For me, you are the dearest dad
Of the whole world!
I give you a very big kiss
And today you do not have to do anything!

As cool and cool as you!

There are 100,000 fathers
And there are very nice ones
But there is not one father
Who is as tough and cool as you are

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day again,
the whole of the Netherlands celebrates.
Everyone loves his father.
But I do the most.
You play with me and make a joke.
I can win at games
and glide on the handrail of the stairs.
If I'm sometimes naughty,
are you still my best friend?
because you are there to comfort me,
even though I have earned punishment.

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