New make-up # blog60

Actually, I am not an average woman at all. For example, I do not like shopping (at most online), fashion troubles or bags (inconvenient). My partner does, however, so he actually regrets that I do not like it. Usually, therefore, he only goes shopping alone, because after one or two stores I'm done with it. However, there is one thing that I am very feminine with and that is with make-up. I can not walk into a drugstore or perfumery without buying anything. An eyeshadow, a lipstick or a new color for my nails. It does not matter, I like everything. As a little girl my heart started to beat all those nice colors and powders and that actually still happens.


The strange thing is that I am not even so outwardly focused, I prefer to look at the nature of a person, the pure things that can make a person so beautiful. But if you see me with all that make-up, jewelry and colored nails, you might not immediately think that. I did my training as a make-up artist and beautician years ago. In the end I did not do anything with it, but of course it says something about my love for make-up. Or maybe I should say 'love for beauty'. And that beauty usually does not come from jars and powders. Personally, I find someone at their best when he or she completely dares to be himself and his real pure dare to show. I am melting. It is not surprising then that I was a proud mother squared when the mentor said last night about my son that she loved him because he is always so wonderful. Maybe something with spoon and stuff, because under all those happy colors on my body, I always try to stay as close as possible to myself and that is also the message I have given Rocco. 'It does not matter what or who you are, if you are yourself'. In my opinion you live the happiest and most balanced. After all, you will not succeed in making the 'everyone' happy. It only produces frustrations if you try.

Always a party

There is always an excuse to buy make-up. Just because it is (almost) finished, or because it looks beautiful, or because I do not have that specific color yet and I would like to try it out. Or just because there is a party in prospect. The latter is a very good reason, because actually there is always a party in prospect. And otherwise do you just give one yourself?

I would like to share my latest acquisitions with you.

For the time being I am just as sweet again. Well, at least until I walk into the next drugstore or perfumery.

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