Photographing - You make the most beautiful photos yourself!

10 useful tips from professional photographer Fred Kamphues, member of the SanDisk Extreme team, supplemented with 5 useful tips from us, to learn how to make the most beautiful pictures of your children, that unforgettable holiday or your loved one, of which you are already convinced is that he is a photo model!

TIP 1: Think of a topic

If you have made a bad photo, do not blame the camera, but first look at yourself ... photographing is a creative process. Look for nice subjects and try to tell a story with the photo.
A photograph without a subject is like a book without title or music without sound.

TIP 2: Keep it simple

Often the following applies: 'the simpler the photo, the better'. Try isolating the subject you want to photograph from the environment. Think of a flat wall, a blue sky or a green forest.

TIP 3: Not with your back to the sun

According to photographer Fred Kamphues, the most common mistake with photography is that people with their backs to the sun. In this position shadows and texture disappear in the subject, the photo becomes very flat and to make matters worse, your own shadow is often disturbing. Experiment with light from the side or even from the back, just as often until you have a nice result.

TIP 4: Change your position

Change your position more often when taking a photo. You will see that the perspective, the composition and the light can have dramatic consequences on the result of the photo. From below (lying on the ground), from above (on an elevation), et cetera. Every change brings its own result and determines the atmosphere in the photo. Try a close up too! Of course, pay attention to the minimum distance of your camera.

TIP 5: Go on with full batteries and empty memory cards

It may sound simple, but you will not be the first photographer to miss a shot because the battery runs out or the memory card is full. So always go out with full batteries and empty memory cards. And preferably with an extra spare.

TIP 6: Go crazy

Keep your camera a little crooked, this can give your photo a different look. It becomes less boring that way and the result can pleasantly surprise you.

TIP 7: Not empty handed

Let us pose with some attributes in the hands, nice if they are specifically from the holiday destination. Or a funny hat, or a nice scarf. This can deliver funny photos!

TIP 8: Do not forget on the way

Also take photos on the way to your destination, even then there are nice pictures to make!

TIP 9: Click, I have you!

Take a picture unexpectedly ...! If he does not notice, you secretly lay him down!

TIP 10: Background

Pay attention to the background, also the background is decisive for the final result of the photo!

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