Spur games for outdoors

Find the directions

It is a sort of treasure hunt with notes. The notes make clear where a hidden object can be found. Preparation is therefore necessary. Before you hide a treasure somewhere and through a series of hidden notes, the children are taken to the treasure. You can of course also put small orders on the notes that they have to carry out. The instructions on the notes can be:
Go to the garden. Walk around three laps around the swing. Open the sandbox. In the sandbox, for example, there is again the next note, which again contains a new assignment. Eventually the 'treasure' is found. Obviously, an adult who can read the notes.


In advance you lay out a trail of arrows, flags, balloons, branches or papers on trees. It can actually do with everything. The clarity of the signs must be adjusted to the age of the children. A reward is waiting at the end of the route. Are the children still very young, then let an adults walk with them.

Scavenger hunt

Put a search in the neighborhood by means of arrows. Here and there a note with an assignment, the party fun rejoices. At the end of the quest, there is of course a surprise waiting.

Dig for the treasure

Hide a few candies (in paper or plastic bag) under the sand. Dig it !!!

Balloon pricks for a treasure

For this game the nice weather must be outside. Prepare a number of water balloons and put a piece of treasure map in one balloon. Hang the balloons outside on a rope. Tell the children that a treasure map is hidden in one of the balloons but to find them all balloons must be broken. Give the children a cocktail stick and have them burst the balloons one by one. Of course you make sure that the treasure map is 'real' and that a treasure is hidden on that spot (for example a few candies).

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