Sometimes you have those days ... # blog13

Sometimes you have of those days everything goes wrong. Murphy's law.

Sleeping did not work that well,
You stand up with a sad face,
You forgot 10 hours in the hurry,
Nobody that has anything left, unfortunately,
Suffering hunger until noon,
It makes you a lot of trouble again,
Playing a pole with the outside,
Hard on your ass, my sweet sunbeam,
She is looking very far away,
Did I even hear you cursing?

The remaining was not successful either,
The lady did not challenge you either,
There was even a child who teased you,
Your bicycle key breaks off in the lock,
I think everyone is in the plot,
That is running for the bus,
He's already there, you'll get him, so,

He twisted, the doors close right in front of your nose,
Yes, it is really your bad luck today, yes, really.
You press the button firmly a few times,
Taps on the door, but the driver does not mind,
He really drives away without you,
you decide to walk in the cold,
What is this now! Everyone is acting weird,
when is it ready now,
At the zebra crossing, no one gives you priority,
A car cut you off, you almost had been there,
You wonder at that point whether you are still alive,
Whether you are visible, not floating between heaven and earth,
Then you are only a spirit,
You've heard of that,
It only sounds very disturbed,
You look at your hands and squeeze in again,
Yes, I really live!

Why are they just driving on?
This is not all common though!

Then it's mom who calls you,
You're late, she was tormented by unrest,
The whole story then comes out,
With fits and knocks and even a small tear,
Mama can not even understand it properly,
Quiet but child, come home,
Then we can talk without all the noise,

Angry you come through the front door,
Mama really can not help it,
I will close my laptop as soon as possible,
Mom it is not fair, this world is crazy!
Yes, honey, mama knows all about it,
But you just do not have your day, you know you can,
Then everything goes wrong and that also goes with it,
Come here, you'll get a hug from me,
Mama tells about bad luck she had,
Murphy's law and more of that,
It is like storm and rain on your path,
Tomorrow the sun is shining again,
Then it will be better, relative,

We laugh at the bad things we have experienced,
Wondering what causes such a day?
Oh yeah you had a bad sleep,
I even see you yawning.
Then I grab you one more time,
You relax, even a smile can get away from it,
And then after another ten minutes,
See you,
Whether someone comes to play outside.
Cheerful splashing in the rain.

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