Popin 'cookin' - Ice creams

A while ago we have already discussed a Popin 'Cookin' product, namely the donuts. This time we are going to make mini ice creams. Have not heard of Popin 'cookin' before? Popin 'cookin' is Japanese candy. They are packages with which you can make different 'dishes'. The packages contain trays, molds, powders and other necessities. You make mini hamburgers, mini donuts or in this case mini ice creams!

What is it?

Popin 'cookin' comes from Japan and his miniature D.I.Y. candy & cookie-making sets. With powder, water and various molds / molds you make biscuits and sweets that you can eat.

Nice activity

Eating the final creations is not that special. The sweet dishes taste especially sweet. The fun is of course mainly in the making! How nice is it to make those mini dishes! The only thing you need besides this package is a little bit of water and patience. Because it is again a mirror project.
We have bought this package for 4.95 euros on www.mostcutest.nl where many more types of packages are for sale. With this package we have been busy for about half an hour.

In the suit

In the suit you will find a piping bag, two ice cream cones, two wafers, a plastic spoon, a container (with scoop), powder for vanilla ice cream and strawberry ice cream and decorations.

Extra requirements

Besides a little bit of water, you do not need anything else.

And now: Getting started!


This package was again very nice to make. Personally, I found it easier to make than the donuts and I am not dissatisfied with the end result. Absolutely fun to do with the kids. With some help from you, this is going to be all right.

What is the taste?

The ice creams taste like vanilla and strawberries. The wafers are crispy making it a nice sweet snack, which of course is devoured in a few bites. Rocco at least ate it with taste. Personally, I found it especially nice looking.


Popin Cookin contains no preservatives and no artificial colors! This package contains the following ingredients:
Glucose, sugar, vegetable oil, corn syrup, starch, dextrin, milk protein, salt, processed starch, calcium carbonate, flavoring, thickener (polysaccharide thickener, sodium alginate), casein sodium, food coloring (caramel, vegetable dyes, flavonoid , carotenoid, gardenia, blue spirulina), emulsifier, brightening agent, (some of the ingredients contains milk and soybean). Contains: wheat, milk, soybean.

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