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Frankly, I had not heard of this brand before. So I was pretty curious about the products. Special about these products is that they are free of perfume, vegan and so pure that they are even suitable for the most sensitive skin. So pure that they are even suitable for a baby's skin. That is of course a very nice idea.

Natural lick

The ingredients are 100% natural and perfectly suited for good daily care. The line, as I received it, consists of four parts:
Feelgood wipes, Hair & Body wash, Bath & massage oil and Bath & body Konjac sponge.

With this care line you give your (sensitive) skin exactly what it needs. And do you still want a scent? Then you can personalize the massage oil with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. But that ultimately determines yourself. It is possible, but of course it is not necessary.

Feel-good wipes

With these moist wipes you can clean your skin in a quick way. They are super convenient to take with you when traveling or when you are on the go. The wipes are refreshing and moisturize the skin. These wipes are also made from natural ingredients.
There are 20 pieces in the bag. They are quite large, so it's best to tear off a piece if you only use them for your face. That way you can do at least twice as long.
Selling price: 9.99 euros

Hair & Body wash

This body wash is not only suitable for your body, but also great for washing your hair. It is mild and refreshing. Handy to have everything in one knowing that everything is mild enough for both your body and your scalp.
Selling price: 6.99 euros

Bath & mass oil

A delicious oil that is suitable for both massage and bath. And if you want, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Especially if you have dry skin, a splash of this oil through your bath water is highly recommended. You can also use this oil as a care product for your body skin.
Selling price: 12.99 euros

Bath & body kanjac sponge

Before you use this sponge, you should just wet it with warm water. The sponge then becomes softer and twice as big. If you use it properly, you can enjoy it for about two to three months. On the packaging of the sponge, you will find the instructions for use. And do you know what's so funny? If you no longer want to use it, you can simply compost or use it in the flowerpots to retain moisture for your plants.


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