Het DierenpraatTV Doeboek

Thinking that it will only become sunshine in the summer holidays, you can of course do, but is not so realistic. There will undoubtedly be some rainy days in between. After all, it is and remains the Netherlands. When I look at my weather app, for example, it looks a little grayer and waterier next week. That will undoubtedly be less outdoors than was possible in the past few weeks.

But indoor games can also be fun! For example with this nice case book in front of you, that is actually not so bad. Let those 'cups and saucers' pour down outside, inside there is fun and fun enough.

For the real animal lover

The DierenpraatTV Doeboek is the doze book for every animal lover, written by Britt and Richard - the two presenters of DierenpraatTV. Go with Britt and Richard on safari in your backyard, discover which birds live around your house and read all about the care of animals!

What is in the book?

In addition to a lot of interesting information about various animals, you will also find fun coloring pages, games, puzzles and much more in this book. Every page is a new party that makes bored really a choice. How do you cut the nails of your guinea pig, for example, and how do you care for your turtle? What is the best dog for you? And what does a pet actually cost?

Full of fun

As a little girl I would have loved this book. It is full of fun games like 'find the differences', 'sudoku', craftwork and many more fun. Definitely a holiday tip! Also nice to take with you in the car or on the holiday destination!

Specifications Het DierenpraatTV Doeboek

TitleHet DierenpraatTV Doeboek
PublishingCharacter Publishers
AuthorBritt Dekker and Richard Versluis
Number of pages96
price14.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com


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