Checklist baby / toddler supplies camping

Relax on holiday! This is of course also possible with a child, only then a good preparation is necessary. To make packing all the luggage more clear, we have compiled a handy checklist for you. The list is suitable for babies and toddlers. You can check out what is perhaps not (yet) suitable for your child. This way you can not forget anything!

We wish you a very nice holiday!


o diapers
o swimming diapers
o diaper bags
o bill towels
o sweeteners
o shampoo
o bath oil
o skin oil
o zinc ointment
o wash gel
o toothbrush
o toothpaste
o sunburn for children
o aftersun
o hydrophilic washcloths
o hydrophilic diapers
o bath cape
o bath thermometer
o spittle cloths
o changing mat
o comb / brush
o nail scissors
o jar and jug bag
o diaper bag


o digital clinical thermometer
o paracetamol (for babies)
o ORS (for babies)
o anti-mosquito oil
o emollient in insect bites
o mosquito net
o remedy for diarrhea
o remedy for constipation
o cough syrup
o disinfectant
o nose drops
o ear drops
o ticks
o suction pump insect bites
o suction pump concealed nose
o plasters
o connection
o tweezers
o scissors
o sterile gauze pads / compresses
o disposable gloves
o dovetails


6 rompers
6 pants / skirts / dresses
6 outerwear
4 socks
2 cotton caps
1 jacket / cardigan
2 warm pajamas
2 swimsuits
1 UV resistant clothing
2 shoes
1 water shoes
2 sun hats
rain gear


o camp bed
o chest of drawers
o inflatable bath / box
o mattress / fitted sheets / top sheets / sleeping bag
o bouncer
o car seat
o pram (with parasol)
o baby carrier / sling
o changing mat
o foldable high chair


o favorite cuddle
o toys
o games
o playpen
o baby monitor
o swimming rings
o reading books
o teether
o bucket / scoop
o inflatable ball
o football


o vegetable snacks
o fruit snacks
o cutlery
o drinking cup


o baby food
o baby bottles
o teats
o bottle heater


o 2 food shirts
o 2 nutrition bras
o breast pump
o bottle (for expressed milk)
o sucking pads

Household items

o Hand washing liquid
o Plastic (garbage) bags
o Travel plug
o Rope
o Clothes line and pegs
o Flashlight
o Sewing kit
o Paper handkerchiefs
o Adhesive tape
o CDs / DVDs
o MP3 player / DVD player
o Writing pad and writing material
o (Bath) towels
o WC paper
o Dishwashing liquid
o Ductape

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