Thick bye zoo

Goat lives on a petting zoo, along with many other animals. Every day, many children come to hug him. Sometimes that goat is too much and that's why he dreams about his own place. One day he takes his legs. He jumps over the fence and decides to live in the zoo. But how nice it seemed before, even in the zoo, Goat can not find its own place. So Goat continues ...

In the end, Geit finds a quiet spot, peaceful under a tree ... but then it turns out that it is all alone again. So Goat ... Well, what Goat is going to do then you just have to discover for yourself!
Thick bye zoo is the funny, beautifully illustrated story of Jacob Grant, which teaches children in a cheerful way that the grass is not always greener on the other side - even if the other side is a zoo!

And what do I think?

I think it's a very cute book with a super funny title. To the book (with hard cover) is a loose cover of paper to protect the beautiful cover. The illustrations are full of humor and the love for the illustration box splashes out of the book. The story has an important message: Home sweet home. Your child may also sometimes want to live with the parents of his boyfriend, because they are - in his experience - much less strict. But if he did, it means he has to miss you ... Nice to talk to him about this.

Jacob Grant was born in Ohio, but now lives with his wife and child in a very windy city in Illinois. You can find him day and night in his studio at home, where he draws, paints and writes children's books. Jacob previously made Little Bird learns a naughty word.

Specifications Thick bye zoo

TitleThick bye zoo
AuthorJacob Grant
IllustratorJacob Grant
Number of pages32
price14.99 euros

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