Birthday party at Sea Life

Recently we had a nice birthday party. Sea Life Scheveningen celebrated its 25th birthday and since Scheveningen is just around the corner, we could not skip such an invitation. So close and yet I had never been there before. Rocco did, he had already been with his grandfather, but I had never been inside myself. The highest time! Especially because the invitation also included a look behind the scenes.

Easy parking

Despite the nice weather, we were able to park our car quickly. That would sometimes be difficult during the high season in Scheveningen. High summer I advise you to come to Scheveningen by public transport. Since the late season has started, parking was no problem. There are several parking garages nearby.

Much to discover

In Sea Life there is plenty to discover about life under water and especially for children there is plenty to do. In addition to the feeding sessions and presentations, children can, for example, show signs and colors and their own made fish swim around in a digital aquarium. How fat is that!
There are a lot of animals to admire in the beautiful aquariums. You are short of eyes, so beautiful sees all that underwater splendor and pomp out. I can not stop photographing.

VIP tour

During the VIP tour we meet a giant sea turtle, he comes to say hello to us personally. What a beautiful beast to see.
In the feeler you get acquainted with anemones, starfish and crabs. Between all those beautiful aquariums, you can learn more about the animals. Did you know, for example, that the clown fish lives in the poisonous tentacles of the anemone? As thanks he keeps the anemone free of algae. And did you know, for example, that little seahorses are very good eggs brothers? A male seahorse has a pouch in which the female can lay the eggs, after a few weeks the baby is ready to be born from the belly of the father!


Of course I do not want to remember the images that I shot. With so many beautiful things around me, you can imagine that it is only a small selection from all the photos I have made! I advise you to just discover the rest yourself!

Contact details

SEA LIFE Scheveningen
Strandweg 13
telephone: 070-3542100


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