LOL Surprise pets balls

LOL Surprise continues to come up with new fun products! Recently we discussed the Bruisfabriek and now there are new balls, the LOL Surprise pets balls! And I've already heard whispers in the corridors, that confetti balls are coming, but more about that soon. Now it's time for the pet balls! Last time you have seen that we have unpacked LOL Surprise fake balls and how disappointing this was. This time we are sure that we have the real balls that we are going to unpack and I can assure you: there is nothing disappointing about that!

LOL Surprise pets

The pets balls are a bit different than the previous balls. In these balls you will not only find an all-nice pet, you will also get a sandbox! There is an extra surprise hidden in the sandbox that needs to be excavated. Once you have done that, you keep a nice tray of magical sand, which of course you can play with.

Out of stock

The LOL Surprise balls are so popular that they sold out everywhere after the holidays. Last week I went into a store to ask for it and still there were no new balls for sale. Fortunately, these two balls were sent to me so that I could get to work with them anyway. But the fact that they were not available, of course, says something about the popularity! But the combination of saving and unpacking is of course also very nice.

What can you expect in the LOL Surprise pets?

You can get your current collection L.O.L. Combining Surprise dolls with an animal to complete the family. You have the chance to find bunnies, kittens, puppies or ultra-rare hamsters, there are no less than 35 different animals! Do not forget to empty the litter box, because a surprise is hidden! You will discover even more about your new pet by giving it the bottle or submerging it under water for the new water surprise!

The balls are suitable for children from 6 years.

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Specifications LOL Surprise pets balls

TitleLOL Surprise pets balls
BrandMGA Entertainment
price9.99 euros

Video: LOL Surprise PETS ! NEW Animal Eye Spy Blind Bag Balls + Freebie

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