The Dutch give their sex life a meager six

The Dutch are not very satisfied in bed: they give their sex life on average a tight enough. 'Having sex more often' is at the top of their wish list.
This is shown by research by Psychologie Magazine. The results are in the September issue of Psychologie Magazine which is already in the shop.
If the Dutch have to give a score for their sex life, they give an average of 5.9. Singles give an average of 4.6; people with a relationship a 6.4. As couples are longer together, they give their sex life a lower figure.

It turns out to be a myth twice a week: on average we have sex 1.1 times a week. More than one-third of the Dutch population (36%) indicate that their sex life would be better if they had sex more often. It is striking that men and women indicate this just as often: 39% of men, compared to 33% of women.
Our sex life would also improve if we were less tired (25% of people think that). The other wishes differ for men and women: women would have more fun in bed if they were more satisfied with their own body (33%). Men especially want to experiment more (31%), for example with new positions.
Women find sex less satisfying than men. If women and men have to indicate what they enjoy the most, their top-10 looks like this:

1. Have sex1. Good food
2. Good food2. Have a good conversation
3. Meet with friends3. Buy something nice
4. Have a good conversation4. Meet with friends
5. Buy something nice5. Read
6. Watching television6. Have sex
7. Working7. Working
8. Read8. Sports
9. Sports9. Vacuum cleaning
10. Vacuuming10. Watching television

Almost a third of women (29%) pretend to have orgasm; 16% of the men 'faket' also sometimes have an orgasm. Men have it by the way if their partner pretends to cum: 28% of them say that sometimes to notice.

We have more inhibitions than you might think: men find it difficult to talk about sex with their partner (49%), women to take the initiative in bed (45%). 32% of women also state that they never fantasize about sex and 35% never say that they are masturbating.
For the study, 500 people between the ages of 18 and 69 (representative of the Dutch population) anonymously filled out a questionnaire about their sex life on the internet. The study was commissioned by Psychologie Magazine by RMI Full Service Market Research.

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