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Children love to be read aloud and as a parent it is wonderful to read your children. Just as quietly with a book, spending time with your child. But often children have a lot of questions about the story during reading. That is why the story pouch of Fair Toys is ideal for reading children.

What is a story pouch?

A story pouch is a bag that contains not only a book of readers, but also figures to play the story! You can do this together with your children, but of course they can also do this alone. The figures that accompany it support the story and are sustainable. This way your child can listen to the story during the reading and play along with the accompanying figures. When you have finished reading (and playing) you can store everything in the handy cotton pouch, so that the whole story remains complete.
The story is printed on the pouch. So if you have several stories pouches you can keep everything together.

Why does this make reading more fun?

Through the figures your child is more active with the story and in this way also better understand what the story is about. You can test this in between by asking questions and letting your child play the story with the provided figures. This makes it even more fun for me to read and even more fun for the children to listen to.

My children enjoyed reading the book from the storytelling pouch "De Rode Appel", re-enacting the story, and then of course the story had to be played out to Papa who came home after work.

6 different stories

The story pouches are available in 6 variants, such as 'Rupsje Nooitgenoeg', 'Twéé Krrr ... okodillen' and 'Mama Kwijt'.

Specifications Stories Pouches

TitleStories Pouches - The red apple
PublishingFair toys
price24.50 euros
Order immediatelyFair toys

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