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You can spend so much money on good and beautiful make-up, but if you do not take care of the skin properly, that does not really make much sense. Today I test two products from Green People. A make-up remover and a beauty boost with the effect of a mask. Do you know what is so beautiful about this product? All skin care products and make-up are NOT tested on animals. As an animal lover I find this very nice to know.

The products are free of sodium lauryl / laureth sulphates, propylene, parabens, lanolin, flaphates, alcohol (ethyl) alcohol, ethanol, harsh foaming, syntetic fragrances, PABA sunscreen, dyes, petrochemicals, urea, DEA, TEA or PEGs.

Beautiful donation

The fact that Green people not only cares for your skin is clear from their policy. Green People donates 10% of the net profit to charities each year.

Gentle cleanse & Mak-up remover

This make-up remover naturally removes the make-up of your face. Good cleansing of your face before bedtime is important. In the night you can feed the skin well with a nurturing night cream. It is then important that your skin is clean. And this beautiful product can help you with that.

100% natural, organic cleansing milk & make-up remover from Green People. The soothing effect also makes it suitable for cleaning the eyes.
Take a small amount of cleansing milk on wet hands and cleanse the face with circulating movements.
Take off with a lukewarm warm washcloth or cotton pad.
Price 14.95

Green People Beauty Boost Skin Restore

This restorative cream is suitable for all skin types. Gives immediate boost after illness, during stressful periods or after excessive sunbathing. When you apply the cream on your skin, you immediately feel its effect. The cream is so nourishing that you can also use it as a mask. It contains organic ingredients such as Wakame, Green Marine Macro Algae, Avocado, Shea Butter & Mandarin,
Take a small amount of Beauty Boost the size of a nut and apply to the face and neck after cleansing the skin.
In case of illness, stress or prolonged sunbathing, you can use the beauty boost daily for a period of 14 days. Intensive use will restore the skin again. The result is amazing!
Price 24.95

Green people

Green People has organic and mostly vegan skincare products, which are very popular and suitable for the whole family. The skin care brand Green People also carries various quality marks such as EcoCert, SoilAccosiation, Fairly Traded and Vegan.

The products of Green People are beautiful and fine products.

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