Children's Music List

Children's Music List - An overview of the most turned on farewell music on the funeral of small children ...

The choice of music during the funeral of your child is a very personal one. One will choose music that tells something about his child, the pregnancy or the way to it. Another will choose to express the sadness and lack of expression in the music. It is your choice.

Based on your choice, we have been able to compose this children's edition music list. As an idea what you could let you hear. Because in the end you decide for yourself which music affects you the most.
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Children's Music List

Yet you always belong - Paul de Leeuw
You live in my heart - Tarzan
If only I could be with you - Gordon
So beautiful, so beautiful - Blöf
Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton
Precious child - Karen Taylor Good
Fly - Celine Dion
Yet you always belong - Wieteke van Dort
Our farewell - Within Temptation
Only - Marco Borsato
Yet you always belong - Paul the lion
Into the west - Annie Lennox
Your name in the stars - Jan Smit
Butterfly - Marco borsato
Never again a morning - Marco Borsato
For ever and always - K3
Bright eyes - Art Garfunkel
When will I see you again - K3
Being dead takes so long - Tommy van Sesamstraat
Saying goodbye does not exist - Marco borsato
The land of your eyes closed - Woezel and pip
The Rose - Bette Middler
Pearls - K3
Woezel and pip my dear - Guusje Nederhorst
Drowned butterfly - Boudewijn de Groot
Lullaby - Leprechaun Plop
Train to no man's land - Frans Bauer
Dream - Children for children part 19
Wizard - Jan Smit
Carry me - Chris de Burgh
You needed me - Boyzone
The road - Guus Meeus
Tune - Own music box
Fragile - Sting
One word - Anouk
A star in heaven - Anouk
The stone - Paul the lion
Nothing else matters - Metallica
Nobody - Guus Meeuwis
How would it be - Marco Borsato
She - Marco Borsato
I'm thinking about you - Clouseau
Dreamer - Kane
Heaven - Do
Every step you take - Replay
Baby - Elly Zuiderveld
Give me your fear - André Hazes
Goodbye's - Celine Dion
Jesus to a child - George Michael
My hot air balloon - Thomas Berge
I still cry - Ilse de Lange
A kiss and a hug - Hans Vermeulen
Hero - Enrique Iglesias
A train to dreamland - Leonie Sazias
I have a dream - Abba
I'll take you away - André Hazes
True love - K3
Sleep my child - Dana Winner
I love you - Arno van Dam
So quiet - Blöf
Stay with me till the morning - Vicky Brown
I'll help you - K3
Let her go - Passenger
Troostvogel - Herman van Veen

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