Crate creatures surprise-Pudge

If I see this crate (or is it a prison?) With that huge lock around it, I must laugh at the same time. This Pudge has my attention. Fortunately, the lock turns out to be easy to open with the supplied 'crowbar'. The use of crowbar instead of a key already starts out fine and I love error.

Laughing muscles

When Crate creatures surprise-Pudge has escaped from his bars and I have turned the switch on his back (batteries were apparently already plugged into his body, fine) he immediately starts making dirty noises. It sounds like farmers and farts, whether this is actually the case, I dare not say. However, it does work directly on my laughter muscles. What is he funny !! I know one thing for sure, this Pudge is and remains mine! I just ignore the crooked glances of the men around me. They all seem to fall for Pudge, but this time they are unlucky. I really like this !!

Pull his tongue

If you pull it on his tongue (and it really is inviting) he will all make strange noises. You can describe it as 'dirty sounds' or 'indefinable sounds'. But this monster can do more. You can press his horn and they will go in all directions. They even give light and if you give him a piece of his pizza, he is going to eat it smackingly.

Roars with laughter

It is a happy monster that roars with laughter as it is held upside down or knocked over. He has more than 45 creature sounds and effects and I am sure you will fall in love with it as much as I do.

I love it!

I love this kind of monsters! They are so wonderfully wrong that they are good again! This is Pudge but there are more fun monsters, like Tom and Sizzle! They all look super fat!

Specifications Crate creatures surprise-Pudge

NameCrate creatures surprise-Pudge
BrandMGA Entertainment
price39.95 euros

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