Bruise balls & bath bombs

Do you also love bouncing balls in your bath? I do, but I've always wondered how you make those balls. Which ingredients are included? How do they get the cheerful colors? And, could I also make a dance ball myself? With this book in my hand, I can say: Yes, you can! You can make your own bouncing balls and you do not even need much!

100 body-friendly recipes

If you are just as curious about creating ballrooms as I am, this is definitely a book for you. In this book you will find more than 100 body-friendly recipes of deliciously scented beer balls and bath melters. You learn which ingredients you need and how you process them step by step in beautifully colored balls. You learn, for example, the intricacies of the sparkling blue berry blitzkrieg, the spicy cinnamon can and the clever, colorful bottle-post bomb (with, you guessed it, a secret message inside).

Thick smacked lip scrub

Immerse yourself in wellness with the BN'er face mask or the thick-smoked lip scrub. And if you want to blow that bunch of straw on your head, the hair zombie gives you volume and shine again. Whatever bath or beauty need you have, Bruisballen & Badbommen pamper you from head to toe.

This book is cool to give to yourself as a gift. Not only to enjoy it yourself (which of course is nice enough) but you can also make the most beautiful bath balls for others. Super fun and personal gift! And the big advantage: you know exactly what went into it! And that is also a nice extra!

Specifications Bruis balls & bath bombs

TitleBruise balls & bath bombs
AuthorIsabel Bercaw and Carline Bercaw
Number of pages144
price14.99 euros

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