The wax sample

As soon as you have a young family, a monster creeps into your house unnoticed. It is also a very crazy monster, because once you think you have chased him away, you turn around and it turns out that he is back! Maybe even bigger than before. The monster listens to the name: 'The wax'. My heaven what one never ending story is that ... As soon as you think it's done, the next mountain is coming up again. And then we can still be glad that machines have been invented for that.

You do not have to think that you have to get rid of that monster by hand, but not too long ago this was the reality.

Wash by hand

Admittedly, before the washing machine arrived, people probably did not have as many clothes as they did now, and they probably also did a little longer before they went into the laundry. Towels were probably used for more than one wash and clothes certainly worn for more than an hour, but in addition to clothing, towels and bedding, the young mama also had to wash diapers. A lot of diapers, because babies have to poop and urinate and disposable diapers were not there yet. What a stinking wax monster must have been! You should not think about it. Some inventions are really nice.


A disaster threatened to occur here a few months ago. From one moment the washing machine was broken. Just like that. One day he was still at full speed and the next day he was dead. After years of loyal service, he had given up courage. I could not blame him, because he had a hard time. But that does not mean that I felt a slight panic in my body. 'Help! I need a new washing machine! And quickly a little! " After all, the monster would not stop itself, it would continue to grow.


My previous washing machine was a Bosch and actually it was quite nice, but there are also different models from Bosch. Which one should I choose? I found it difficult. It is a decent expense and you should not think that you have a bad buy and will be faced with this problem within a year or two.

Fortunately, after searching on Google, I found a handy site with washing machine reviews by experts. A top 10 of the best washing machines of 2018, but when I looked that was still 2017. Handy that list! Really recommended to avoid a bad purchase.
In the end I chose the Bosch WAWH2643NL, which is at the top of the list with a big fat 8.5. A good device for a decent price.

The wax sample is still in our midst, but fortunately I can keep him reasonably in check with our Bosch. Now my family members learn that something really does not have to be in after an hour ...

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