Thea Stilton - A dream wedding

If you know Geronimo, you are also familiar with his tough sister Thea. Thea is everything that Geronimo actually is not. She is tough, a real daredevil controls everything that has wheels and has the black belt in karate. Thea Stilton teaches at Topford College and she writes books about the Thea Sisters, five super-special muzzles who met at Topford! Thea Stilton's series on the Princesses of Fantasia is also very popular!

Just as fat

Thea's books look just as bold as Geronimo's books. The stories, however, are a bit different. In Thea's books, everything revolves around the Thea Sisters! These are students at Topford College on Walvis Island. Life at the college is always exciting: friendships, infatuation and many other things keep the Sisters busy every day. There is always something on the leg ...

Thea Stilton - A dream wedding

The romance hangs in the air at Topford College, because there is a wedding coming! Famous film couple Matt Heart and Megan Love will give a guest lecture at Topford. The two are overwhelmed by memories of their old school: here they got to know each other and here they fell in love! If Matt asks Megan to marry and the two decide to marry at Topford College, the circle is complete. Colette enthusiastically takes care of the organization of the wedding and the preparations run smoothly. But suddenly things go wrong one after the other. Is Colette not paying attention or is there something else on the leg?

Specifications Thea Stilton - A dream wedding

TitleThea Stilton - A dream wedding
PublishingThe Awake Mouse
AuthorThea Stilton
Number of pages128
price8.95 euros

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