Geronimo Stilton Travel to the center of the earth

Of the books of Geronimo Stilton you never get enough? A lot has already been published, but it just remains fun. The way of telling, the illustrations, the interesting facts, the special and especially typical text layout. It remains inviting to read the books. In this book we dive into the world of Jules Verne. Who does not know him.

The story?

Professor Otto Lidenbrock encounters a piece of parchment with an old and incomprehensible text. Together with his young cousin Axel he knows how to decipher the parchment. They read: If you descend before 1 July in the volcano Sneffels - through the crater that is in the shadow of the mountain top Scartaris - you come to the center of the earth. I did it. Arne Saknussemm.

And so begins a crazy adventure, where the prof and his nephew end up at 150 kilometers deep at an immeasurably large sea, in the middle of prehistoric times. They make a fight between two zeedino's and that is nothing compared to what awaits them all. A very strong masterpiece by the famous Jules Verne, retold by Geronimo Stilton.

What do I think?

Well, what do I have to add to this? It is just another very exciting book by Geronimo Stilton. Definitely recommended, just like all those other books by Geronimo! And of course it should not be missing in your collection!

Specifications Geronimo Stilton Travel to the center of the earth

TitleGeronimo Stilton Travel to the center of the earth
PublishingThe Awake Mouse
AuthorGeronimo Stilton
Number of pages213
price13.95 euros

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