Development baby 4 weeks old

Your baby is 4 weeks old and therefore already a month on our beautiful world. Slowly your little one goes from a tiny pink and wrinkled bundle of love to a slightly bigger child. Of course still the dearest! Read more in our baby calendar about the development of your baby. This week your baby is 4 weeks old.

Baby in the bath

If your baby is about 2 or 3 days old, it is time for his or her first bath! Bathing your baby right after the birth or the day after is not necessary. In fact, it is better to wait a little longer. Your baby has a thin protective layer after birth and you can not wash it off properly.

Rolling over the baby's stimulation is something you do!

An important point in the physical development of your baby is the moment your baby starts rolling over. Because after rolling over the baby comes crawling and then walking. Roll over is the sign that the muscles of your baby become stronger. Because it is such an important point, it is always good to give your baby a subtle helping hand.

Potty training: Help your child become potty trained!

No more diapers to change, that is a wonderful milestone for your child and for yourself? You need to check how much money you save on diapers! To get rid of the diapers permanently, toilet training is required. But when can you start with this and how do you handle this well? Read in this blog how you can help your child with good potty training.

Baricach pain is different for every woman

Women want to choose how they deal with bowel pain. They also want more choice than just the invasive spinal puncture or an infusion pump with analgesic medication. PhD student Trudy Klomp of midwiferyscience VUmc conducted research into the attitude of pregnant women towards pain management.

What is a caesarean section?

Sometimes your pregnancy is not quite as expected, so that a natural delivery is no longer possible. Here are the following reasons: Your pelvis are too narrow for the head of your baby Your baby is in such a position that it can not pass through your pelvis (cross) The placenta is in front of the cervix The umbilical cord comes from the uterus emerge There is still no sufficient access but your baby is in distress Despite pain stimulants, the digestion does not progress Your baby must be rushed