Baby room decor? Follow these 5 handy steps!

As a brand new mother, you are of course on a pink cloud. Delicious, such a sweet little one on the way. But there is also a lot involved. Which pram do you choose? Will your child go to a day care center? How many clothes do you buy? Which diapers are the best? And how are you going to do the nursery decor?

Flying with children - How do you make the flight as pleasant as possible?

Of course, a baby or toddler does not have to be a hindrance to go on holiday with the plane. Sometimes it can even be nicer than choosing such a long car ride. There are, however, some things to look out for to make it as pleasant as possible for your child. Some people find flying with small children a kind of suicidal doom scenario, others experience it fairly relaxed.

The best camping bed for the baby

Do you need a camp bed for holidays, or for example for a stay? Then of course you want the best camping bed for your child and for yourself. There are many types of camp beds available, so before you buy one, it is certainly useful to read our tips. That way you know exactly what to look for in order to buy a safe bed.

Bathroom remodeling for the baby

Are you going to remodel the bathroom for the baby? Very sensible, because a comfortable and above all safe bathroom is very important for the small shoot. There are a lot of accidents in the bathroom. Think of falling, drowning or burning danger. Do you want to completely rebuild your bathroom?

Maternity fever

Maternity fever was a disease or infection that used to occur regularly in women who had recently given birth to their little baby. Usually the cause was poor hygiene of the hospital, doctor or medical team. In the past, this disease required many lives. Today, fortunately, it is still very rare because hospitals have strict rules regarding hygiene.

Home birth? Make the delivery room ready in time!

You have opted for a home birth, a delivery in a familiar environment, but for this a few things have to be put in order and taken home. Your midwife can tell you exactly what you need for a good nursery and what you need to do. In any case, in good time (about 6 to 8 weeks before delivery) you have to purchase a maternity package.