Body signals from your baby and baby gestures

Your baby communicates a lot more with you than you might think at first. Crying is actually the last means your baby uses to indicate that he or she really wants to go to bed. When you get to know the body signals of your baby and the baby gestures, you can be crying for it.

What do you do when a baby refuses to take medication?

Helena Lee, mother and nurse, recently shared a handy trick on Facebook that you can use when a baby refuses to take medication. Her method is actually very simple, but you have to come up with it. A syringe and a baby bottle is all you need. Trick when your baby refuses to take medication Her own baby did not want to take the medicine until she remembered this trick.

Heel prick

Already in the first week of your baby's life, your baby must endure something very annoying: the heel prick. The heel prick is not mandatory, but it is advisable to do so because it can be investigated whether your baby has certain serious or rare congenital diseases. In this article, read more about what a heel prick is, when it is given and how to arrange it.

What does an obstetrician do?

If you are pregnant, you will regularly go to a midwifery practice. But what exactly does a midwife do? An obstetrician is trained to monitor the health and development of your baby. The midwife is involved in all phases of your pregnancy. During the visits you take to midwifery practice, you will be informed and everything will be checked.

Water birth - Give birth in a water bath

Have no idea how you want to give birth? Maybe a water birth is something for you! There are certainly benefits to a delivery in the water. Consider, for example, the warm water that can be relaxing. A water birth provides natural, lighting, but also warmth, security and peace.