Fever with your baby

Normally the body temperature of babies is between 36.5 and 37 degrees Celsius. It is best to take the temperature of your child rectally if you suspect fever in your baby. This gives the most reliable information. If the temperature rises to 38 degrees, your baby will have a fever. It is not at all strange that you get a bit panicked about this.

Pseudococcus in a baby or child

Is your child very stuffy and do you hear a barking cough? Then it may be that your child is suffering from pseudococcus. Always try to stay calm! Read more about pseudococcus in a baby and what you can do in case of coughing. What is pseudococcus in a baby or child Pseudococcus is an inflammation of the larynx (trachea, vocal cords and large airways) of your child caused by a virus.

The best diaper bucket

A diaper pail, that is one of those things that you may not realize that you really need them, but of which you will know later that they are indeed very handy. Diaper pails are available in various types and sizes. From simple versions to super hygienic versions where you almost do not suffer from odors.

How often do you have to change a diaper?

A question often asked at the clinic and in the hospital ward is: "How often do you have to change a diaper? ". New parents are often insecure about many things and so also about changing diapers. In this blog I will tell you more about when you should change a diaper.

Cut in during labor

During the delivery it can sometimes be necessary for the midwife to make a cut. Usually this happens because the baby is in distress or because you are about to rupture. After a cut has been made, your baby can be born more easily. This is the advantage of it. But cutting in during labor also has several drawbacks.

Home birth or hospital delivery

It is a question that many women often ask themselves: do I opt for a home birth or hospital delivery? In most cases the choice is entirely up to you and it depends on which choice you feel most comfortable. There has been a lot of research into the safety of home deliveries and for the time being it has not been proven that it is unsafe to give birth to your child in your own home.