Baby monitor buying tips

Buying a baby monitor, what do you have to pay attention to? The developments for baby monitors do not stand still. Nowadays, besides baby monitors, there are also picture baby monitors, internet baby monitors and IP cameras that can be used as baby monitors. The first thing you can ask yourself is whether you want only sound or image and sound.

Low budget baby - Many baby outings for little

There has been a special period in your life: you are pregnant! After the first exciting months it is time to make some practical preparations for the arrival of your baby. The children's room has to be decorated, do you opt for the Bugaboo or for that cool Koelstra stroller? Do you want a Tummy Tub or a bath?

The best sunburn for your baby

In the summer we want to go outside with our baby and enjoy the sun. Probably everyone knows that it is not wise to leave your baby unprotected in the sun. That is so lubrication, lubrication, lubrication. But what is the best sunburn for your baby? Read here what you should pay attention to and which sunscreen is most recommended.

Rolling over the baby's stimulation is something you do!

An important point in the physical development of your baby is the moment your baby starts rolling over. Because after rolling over the baby comes crawling and then walking. Roll over is the sign that the muscles of your baby become stronger. Because it is such an important point, it is always good to give your baby a subtle helping hand.

What is a caesarean section?

Sometimes your pregnancy is not quite as expected, so that a natural delivery is no longer possible. Here are the following reasons: Your pelvis are too narrow for the head of your baby Your baby is in such a position that it can not pass through your pelvis (cross) The placenta is in front of the cervix The umbilical cord comes from the uterus emerge There is still no sufficient access but your baby is in distress Despite pain stimulants, the digestion does not progress Your baby must be rushed

Hemorrhoids after delivery

Do you suffer from hemorrhoids after delivery? You are not the only one, about 70% of all women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy or after delivery. Besides the fact that they are very annoying, hemorrhoids are not harmful to your health. However, you may suffer from itching, a burning sensation and pain with your anus.