Learning to crawl

A very nice and fun milestone in the young life of your child is learning how to crawl. Because crawling is an important step towards walking. When your baby is going to crawl can vary greatly per child. Some babies first go for a tiger or on the bill sliders before they learn to crawl. And again, others are crawling all over!

Choose the right baby toy

Of course you want to spoil your little miracle with fun toys. But choosing the right baby toy is not that easy. And from how many months can your baby play with baby toys? You can read it all in this blog where I give some play tips for the best baby toys from 0 to 9 months.

Brush your teeth so you do!

A good oral care of your baby can not start early enough. So that means having fun brushing your teeth with your baby. Bringing your own toothbrush and toothpaste is not a good idea. Those little brittle teeth are not yet resistant to that. How you can brush teeth with your baby can be read here!

Buy a good baby thermometer

Does your baby have a fever or not? Is your baby too hot or too cold? As a parent, you want your child to be healthy and warm up. To determine this, you need a baby thermometer. But which is the best thermometer that you can purchase from the many species that are available? Read the answer here to buy a good baby thermometer.

Prematurity: What does that mean and what are the symptoms?

In the Netherlands, 15,000 babies are born prematurely each year, which is about 8% of all babies. There is talk of preterm birth if your baby announces itself for the 37th week of your pregnancy and after the 24th week of your pregnancy. The older your baby is, the smaller the chance of complications. Parents of premature children, also called premature children, face an uncertain and difficult time.

Post traumatic stress syndrome after childbirth

A delivery is not something you do 'for a while'. It is a decent job that every woman really needs to be on. Some deliveries are reasonably smooth, but other deliveries are experienced by the mother as extremely heavy and intense. And that is quite understandable. When you have experienced the birth so intensively that it affects your life, then there may be a Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after delivery (PTTS) Causes Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome after delivery (PTSD) There are few women who