Constellation Sagittarius - The character of your child as Sagittarius

Astrological name Sagittarius Period November 23 - December 22 Element Fire Keyword Meaningful life core Vulnerable body part Hips, thighs, buttocks Planet Jupiter Sagittarius are happy, playful miniature clowns who laugh with tears in their eyes when they are rejected. But do not leave your little Sagittarius alone, he will have tremendous sadness.

How do you survive a flight with small children?

Take the journey with them from start to finish. Concentrate on flying. Tell them: in the plane you first drink, then eat, then sit and then sleep. That way they know what they can expect when. Take food and drink with you for landing and ascending. Almost all children have difficulty with the pressure difference in their ears.

Baby clothes for the winter

Have you put a winter child on the world? Or an autumn baby and will this baby spend the first months of his or her life in the cold too? That is not bad at all! Many people say that you can give birth better in the spring or summer, but they do not understand it at all. Every season has its own charm.

The best diaper bucket

A diaper pail, that is one of those things that you may not realize that you really need them, but of which you will know later that they are indeed very handy. Diaper pails are available in various types and sizes. From simple versions to super hygienic versions where you almost do not suffer from odors.

Echo during childbirth to prevent complications

During the birth it can happen that the head of your baby does not fit well between your pelvis. The result: an emergency Cesarean section or you get annoying symptoms on your pelvic floor after delivery. To prevent this, it is good to determine in advance whether the head fits between the pelvic floor.

Indeling of the baby

In the last trimester of your pregnancy, the baby's descending begins. Your baby then sinks towards your pelvis. This process can take a number of weeks. It is also possible that your baby does not descend during your pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about, during the delivery your baby will still descend.