The Consultation Office - What can you expect from it?

The consultation office is not only there for vaccinations but also for the development of your child by experts (pediatrician). At each visit your baby goes on the scale and on the measuring bar. The circumference of his head is also measured. Everything is kept in a growth book and drawn in a growth diagram.

The importance of pouching

My first son was born with 28 weeks, by means of an emergency cesarean section. There were 13 doctors ready, when I was driven into the operating room. A number of these took care of Nick, my beautiful premature son, right after the surgery. Nothing to hold on, my dear little Nick was stabilized and brought to another hospital with bells and whistles.

What do you do when a baby refuses to take medication?

Helena Lee, mother and nurse, recently shared a handy trick on Facebook that you can use when a baby refuses to take medication. Her method is actually very simple, but you have to come up with it. A syringe and a baby bottle is all you need. Trick when your baby refuses to take medication Her own baby did not want to take the medicine until she remembered this trick.

Best pacifier and why this one!

Of course you want to buy the best pacifier for your little one, but which is that? Because you have pacifiers with various colors and shapes. Yes, even when it comes to pacifiers, it is not made easy for you. That is why we are happy to help you determine which pacifier you can best buy for your little one.

Dead born ...

Not every pregnancy ends in a pink cloud of happiness. Unfortunately. It is not something you think about when you are pregnant, but sometimes your dreams are overtaken by reality and your life is turned upside down at once. When is it a stillbirth? You are talking about stillbirth when your child dies after the 16th week of your pregnancy.

Beginning of the delivery

As the weeks and months pass, the moment comes closer. The moment you give birth! Hopefully everything is ready in the house such as the nursery, clothes, diapers, car seat and the buggy. Now only your baby! During pregnancy you will probably have felt the discomfort of hard bellies a few times.