In 8 steps out the door with your baby

A quick pick up in the supermarket or half an hour before your appointment to get up from the bank and come on time: this was all fine. But now that you have a baby, it takes a little longer before you are out with your baby. In this blog we will give you some points that you can take into account.

Choose the right baby toy

Of course you want to spoil your little miracle with fun toys. But choosing the right baby toy is not that easy. And from how many months can your baby play with baby toys? You can read it all in this blog where I give some play tips for the best baby toys from 0 to 9 months.

Bathroom remodeling for the baby

Are you going to remodel the bathroom for the baby? Very sensible, because a comfortable and above all safe bathroom is very important for the small shoot. There are a lot of accidents in the bathroom. Think of falling, drowning or burning danger. Do you want to completely rebuild your bathroom?

Facial expression of a pooping baby!

Every parent will recognize this, the facial expression of your pooping baby! When the baby is in need, you have this directly as a parent. Not only because of the air but especially because of the look and the facial expression of your baby. The video below is very funny, especially because the images are played slowed down.

Lose mucus plug

Losing the mucus plug is a normal part of pregnancy. What the mucus plug is exactly and when it is lost is not known to all women. Here you can read what the function of the mucus plug is, how you can recognize it and what the mucus plug means to lose. What is the mucus plug?