Kneipp Body Lotion Spray

I am a fan of Kneipp products. In my bathroom you can often find several products of this brand and I notice that Rob, my partner, also regularly uses it. Kneipp has another new product: Kneipp Body Lotion Spray. That sounds very convenient and that's what it is! The smell The first thing you notice about this product is the smell.

Breastfeeding for the first time

You will discover that your child will look for the nipple during the first hour after birth. You do not have to do much for that, because the taste and the smell show him the way. How this comes? This is because your nipple is covered with an oily layer. And this layer has a scent that is recognized by your child.

Fontanel of the baby

All babies have a kind of opening or dent on top of the head. This is called the fontanelle. The fontanel of the baby has multiple functions. This makes the delivery a little easier and the brain of your baby gets room to grow. The fontanel of the baby seems very fragile, but it is well protected.

Baby clothes buy tips

You often only notice when you become a mother or father, that some things that seemed very simple at first seem more difficult than thought. Think about buying baby clothes, for example. What can you buy the best and what should you have at home for the small shoot? In this blog I will give you the most important tips to ensure that you have the right baby clothing and the right amount.

Maternity leave - What are you entitled to and how do you arrange it?

A few more weeks ... then your baby will be born! At home almost everything is on hand, only a few things have to be done. You clean up your desk, say goodbye to your colleagues and pull the door behind you. Your maternity leave has begun. Peace at last! Why maternity leave? Maternity leave is mainly meant to rest, so you can prepare well for your birth.

Who makes photos during the delivery?

There are a number of days in your life that you will label as 'the most beautiful days'. The delivery of your children is probably one of them, besides perhaps your marriage, special holidays, the day you finished your house or your graduation. From all these days a whole range of photos is taken except ... of the day of your birth.