Childcare - What are you and what can you expect?

Childcare - What are you and what can you expect? If you both want to keep working, part-time or full-time and you do not want to work at home, you can not escape it. Care should be arranged for your child. There are various options: day nursery, childminder family, grandfather and grandmother, parental leave, exchange, home babysitter or au pair.

Vegetable snack: Making a cake or a game?

Recently I thought Noa (6 months) would be ready for a bit of solid food, such as a vegetable snack. Immediately I, like a real Gordon Ramsey, dived into the kitchen and did my best to make a culinary, healthy and vitamin rich treat for my little girl. Her crazy taste when tasting her first vegetable snack was unaffordable, but to say that she enjoyed it ... Maybe my cooking skills are not as thunderous as I have always thought.

The best camping bed for the baby

Do you need a camp bed for holidays, or for example for a stay? Then of course you want the best camping bed for your child and for yourself. There are many types of camp beds available, so before you buy one, it is certainly useful to read our tips. That way you know exactly what to look for in order to buy a safe bed.

Choose childcare! What should you pay attention to?

Choosing childcare is something you should think about in some parts of the Netherlands before you are pregnant! This is because in these places there are only a limited number of childcare places compared to the number of children. We work with waiting lists and then you tend to be less choosy and choose the best childcare for the first.

Baricach pain is different for every woman

Women want to choose how they deal with bowel pain. They also want more choice than just the invasive spinal puncture or an infusion pump with analgesic medication. PhD student Trudy Klomp of midwiferyscience VUmc conducted research into the attitude of pregnant women towards pain management.

Echo during childbirth to prevent complications

During the birth it can happen that the head of your baby does not fit well between your pelvis. The result: an emergency Cesarean section or you get annoying symptoms on your pelvic floor after delivery. To prevent this, it is good to determine in advance whether the head fits between the pelvic floor.