On vacation with the baby

With a baby you really do not have to stay home all year round. You can go on holiday with the baby. With a good preparation you make the trip comfortable for your baby and of course for yourself! See below our tips for a holiday with the baby. We will also give you a handy baby checklist of things that you can take with you anyway.

Galbultes with a baby

Summits in a baby are fairly common and then mainly in children between 1 and 4 years. Other names for hives are hives or urticaria. Summits in a baby look like red spots or bumps and can turn into thickened areas. The red spots can appear on the body in various places and disappear again.

What do diapers cost?

The question we get from parents is: what do diapers cost? A very important question, because if you do not handle it well you can lose around 770 euros after the first year. But if you do it smartly and pay attention to all offers, you will save a lot of money very quickly. Read this blog to get an answer to the question: what do diapers cost?

Choose childcare! What should you pay attention to?

Choosing childcare is something you should think about in some parts of the Netherlands before you are pregnant! This is because in these places there are only a limited number of childcare places compared to the number of children. We work with waiting lists and then you tend to be less choosy and choose the best childcare for the first.

Cut in during labor

During the delivery it can sometimes be necessary for the midwife to make a cut. Usually this happens because the baby is in distress or because you are about to rupture. After a cut has been made, your baby can be born more easily. This is the advantage of it. But cutting in during labor also has several drawbacks.

Indeling of the baby

In the last trimester of your pregnancy, the baby's descending begins. Your baby then sinks towards your pelvis. This process can take a number of weeks. It is also possible that your baby does not descend during your pregnancy. There is nothing to worry about, during the delivery your baby will still descend.