Jaundice in newborn babies

Your baby is finally born but then he or she turns out to have jaundice. Another term is hyperbilirubin, a high level of bilirubin in the blood, or icterus. This occurs in about 60% of all babies born. But what is the cause of this and, more importantly, is it preventable?

What is a nipple shield?

Ever heard of a nipple shield? This is a silicone patch with the shape of a nipple. You put this patch over the nipple and areola and it looks a bit like a hat. It is a (temporary) accessory for breastfeeding which can help your child drink better from your breast. Different types of nipple caps There are nipple caps with different sizes.

Changing your diaper, that's how you do it!

Soon you can almost close your eyes, but the first time it takes some getting used to: changing the diaper of your newborn baby. To prevent a big shit or pee fest, we have described the steps here for diaper change. This way you are prepared and you and your baby get back to poo- and pee-free!

How do you survive night nutrients? 9 tips!

The reason that with many new parents the bags under the eyes with the week become bigger and darker, is because of the broken nights. And these broken nights are partly caused by night feeding. You hardly get lost because your little one is just hungry. If your baby really needs food at night or if only attention is needed, then you will have to think of a way to survive the night nutrients.

Turning baby at breech presentation

Breech presentation occurs in approximately 3 to 4% of unborn babies at the end of pregnancy (36 weeks). A breech presentation means that your baby is lying down with his or her buttocks instead of the head. Originally it is the intention that your baby is in a head position, this brings the least complications.

Baby with IUD goes viral in hand: True or false?

A photo of a baby with an IUD in his hand recently went viral on social media. The impression is created that at birth the baby holds the coil of his mother in his hand. It is claimed that the baby was born with the coil in his hand. This post was posted on Facebook by his mother, Lucy Hellein from Alabama, but she never thought that he would be shared so often.