Buying a buggy - What should you pay attention to?

A buggy is perfect for short walks or a quick message. They are foldable, easy to handle and you can easily take them with you. There are many different buggies for sale, how do you know which is most suitable for you? We put some tips for you in a row that you can take into account when purchasing.

Spur games for outdoors

Find the directions It is a sort of treasure hunt with notes. The notes make clear where a hidden object can be found. Preparation is therefore necessary. Before you hide a treasure somewhere and through a series of hidden notes, the children are taken to the treasure.

What does a baby or child cost per year?

What does a baby cost per year? That is a question that parents often ask themselves. You have the costs a little bit in hand, but that a child costs a lot of money is undeniable. Are you pregnant with your first child, then you will have to dig deeper into your pouch for the purchase of all the stuff.

How often do you have to change a diaper?

A question often asked at the clinic and in the hospital ward is: "How often do you have to change a diaper? ". New parents are often insecure about many things and so also about changing diapers. In this blog I will tell you more about when you should change a diaper.

Home birth or hospital delivery

It is a question that many women often ask themselves: do I opt for a home birth or hospital delivery? In most cases the choice is entirely up to you and it depends on which choice you feel most comfortable. There has been a lot of research into the safety of home deliveries and for the time being it has not been proven that it is unsafe to give birth to your child in your own home.

Storing stem cells from your baby's umbilical cord

Currently about 90 to 95% of umbilical cord blood is discarded after birth. That is incredibly a shame because with the stem cells from the umbilical cord blood various diseases can be cured. When you have just given birth you always get the question what to do with the placenta. At that time you can store stem cells from the umbilical cord and select placenta.